Dear readers,

Happy Friday!

Productivity is hard, especially during quarantine. Online college is more difficult than expected and working from home is certainly a chore. Maintaining any sort of schedule these days is nearly impossible. But here are three great apps that can help with that.

These can help with studying, waking up on time, making time for hobbies and completing tasks without procrastinating. They have been particularly useful while we’re all trapped inside, but they were also great while school was open and I had an actual schedule.

1. Focus Keeper

I use this app ALL THE TIME, it is hands down the most useful app I have encountered to reduce procrastination.

This app uses something called the Pomodoro Technique. It breaks up your time into 4 long sections (about 25 minutes) with short breaks in between. After 3 short breaks you get to enjoy a long break, and then the cycle repeats. It teaches you to be as productive as you can for that time and then allows you to unwind during the breaks.

This app gives you a sense of structure that you don’t get on your own. Plus, knowing that you have a break coming can motivate you to work harder during the designated work times.

I find this app is particularly useful if you are feeling unmotivated or in a work slump. By cutting your work time into small sections, the large task feels less daunting. Once you complete one, you realize that you can keep going. The breaks are perfect to refocus, recharge and allow you to absorb all of the information you’ve read.

Focus keeper is nice for college but I also use it for things like art when I am not feeling particularly creative or cooking when I just want to microwave a hot pocket. Somehow, these shorter sections of time make everything a lot more manageable.

2. Remember the milk

This app makes a great to do list. I first downloaded it because I kept forgetting to do small tasks that I didn’t think that I would have to write down. Turns out I was very wrong.

I forget things all the time. Especially if I think that it is too important to forget. If there is a possibility of forgetting something. I will do it.

That’s why I absolutely needed this app in my life. What seems like just a simple to-do list is actually a great organizational tool. It can split your tasks into categories and integrates apps like Google Calendar, Twitter and Gmail.

Once you make a task, you can then make subtasks to break that first task into many, more manageable steps. It also allows you to put tabs on your tasks to locate them easier if you have too many.

I also love that it is called “Remember the Milk” because hilariously, there have been many times when I have forgotten the milk.

3. Google calendar

This one may seem a little too obvious, but it is certainly a must have. I find this app particularly useful for coordinating with others. You can share your calendar permanently or temporarily to find the best times to meet with people.

I also love google calendar because I can color coordinate all of my classes and events/due dates for those classes. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of what I have to do for each class and when.

This app makes it easy to stay productive and allows you to designate blocks of your day to certain activities like cooking, studying, class planning or creative time. This way you have a schedule to follow even when you are stuck at home, and you can even set reminders for each activity.