Dear readers,

Quarantine is really bringing out my anxiety 🙁 For whatever reason, zoom university is extremely stressful and one of the only things that keeps me motivated is putting on a nice outfit to do my work in, just like if I was still at school.

Today I decided to wear these blue, plaid pants from Brandy Melville and I paired those with a yellow butterfly crewneck that I thrifted. Underneath the crewneck is a black button down crop top also from Brandy that has a very cool collar.

For socks and shoes I am wearing these nike high socks and dirty AF1s (thanks to frat parties and campus in general.)

My favorite comment on this outfit was “Jeremy Zucker vibes,” although I feel like it is more of an Alexander 23 vibe because of the shoes.

Let me know what you think of this outfit and thanks for reading!